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Supports versions: 3.1.0 LTS, 4.2.0 LTS, 5.0.0 LTS
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Short Overview

OroCommerce offers integration with SAP ERP for an end-to-end SAP B2B eCommerce solution. OroCommerce supports a number of integration options to enable the best SAP B2B eCommerce solution for your enterprise application landscape, whether SAP-centric, multi-vendor, or open-source. The most popular options for SAP ERP integration include SAP PO, SAP CPI, MuleSoft, and Azure Logic Apps.

Selecting an appropriate integration platform / ESB

Using one of the existing integration platforms for SAP is the fastest way to build a OroCommerce SAP ERP integration. For SAP-centric enterprises, we recommend going with SAP PO or SAP CPI for manageability reasons. If your enterprise application landscape is more diverse and you need a versatile, vendor-agnostic ESB, then MuleSoft or Azure Logic Apps will give you the most benefits, including cost efficiency.

Either way, OroCommerce offers a straightforward SAP ERP integration mechanism based on our entities mapping blueprint, so the choice of the integration platform doesn’t affect the speed of the integration. The exact entities mapping is performed prior to the initial data migration, during the discovery phase.

Initial data migration

Initial data migration is the actual phase one of the integration. At this stage, we perform a one-time migration of static/historical data from SAP ERP into OroCommerce via a CSV import process. This will help minimize the number of API calls.

Setting up periodic data synchronization

Setting up periodic data synchronization is the phase two of OroCommerce SAP ERP integration. It ensures that any data updates in one system, either OroCommerce or SAP ERP, are propagated to the corresponding entities in the other system. The frequency of the synchronization, the level of the synchronization (full sync vs. delta sync), conflict resolution strategies, and other parameters will depend on the entity type, a number of updated records, the entity data structure, and other requirements.

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